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ILAN is administered by an Executive Committee according to the guidelines and directives of the General Assembly. The Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly in which all members of the Association are entitled to take part.

Anyone over the age of 18 who agrees to abide by the constitution of the Association may become a member, have the right to vote and be elected to committees of the Association. Membership in the Association is based on the principle of volunteering. By no means would the membership be afforded as a reward or in return of any payment.

Branches of ILAN can be established in any community in Israel. If no branch exists in your area you can form a group and establish one by applying to the Executive Committee.

Associations of Friends of Ilan abroad
Associations of Friends of Ilan have been established in the United States, Canada, England, France and Germany. These associations are registered as non-profit organizations, and any donations made to Ilan through these associations are tax-deductible.

In the United States
Mr. Jesse Krasnow - Chairman
C/O Sirius LLC
2109 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
Tel: 212-799-6671
Fax: 212-769-9169
E Mail:

In Germany:
Friends of Ilan in Germany
Mrs. Elisabeta Weiss
Roonst. 50
50674 Cologne, Germany
Tel. 0049-221-2404440 
Fax. 0049-221-2404440

In Canada:
Mrs. Sheva Honig, co-president
6005 Cavendish Blvd., # 1103
Cote St-Luc, Quebec H4W 3E2
Tel: 514 488 0176

Mrs. Irene Romer
5720 Rembrandt Ave., #503
Cote St. Luc, Quebec H4W 3A1
Tel. 514-486-4321

United Kingdom
England Friends of ILAN
Mr. Leonard Lass
England Friends of Ilan Day Center
Mr. Leonard Lass
21 Chippenham Mews
London W92AN
United Kingdom
Tel: +442074321330 
Fax: +442072865648
E Mail:

In France:
Mme Claire Derhy
49 rue de Courcelles
75008 Paris
Tel: 06 63 15 42 63 
Fax: 01 56 26 27 94